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LeySelect Job Coaching Network: Competent, sustainable, tailor-made

The requirements for professional and managerial staff are undergoing profound changes: Distance Leadership requires new skills in employee management, while digitisation is changing business processes and legal framework conditions when it comes to business decisions.

But anyone looking for a good coach must first wade through a confusing coaching market. “The selection process is tiring and time-intensive”, as Markus Ley, Founder and Managing Director of LeySelect, is well aware, “which is why we made the decision to provide our clients and candidates with great expertise in important and relevant fields throughout our job coaching network”.

LeySelect has succeeded in establishing a highly-qualified network of renowned consultant companies. “Our objective is to offer a targeted, individualised service that is sustainable”.

LeySelect Job Coaching Network includes:

Corporate momentum for digitisation coaching

Dr Thomas Endres’ company is a strategic partner in all topics relating to digitisation in business, both in terms of professional decisions and in personal positioning of management together with management issues.

C.M. Möller law firm for Legal & Compliance

Business decisions go hand in hand with both civil and criminal risks. Any misinterpretation of legal norms is generally assessed as gross negligence. C.M. Möller, the law firm, specialises in business law.

DigitalLounge for Finance & Accountancy

DigitalLounge supports finance experts with professional and leadership topics in dealing with current CFO challenges. After all, in this era of digitisation, it is an important aim to secure an integrated control system from strategic planning and budgeting all the way to reporting and fully automated digitalisation of commercial processes.

Truchsess & Brandl for training professional and managerial staff

Truchsess & Brandl offers training and business coaching with the aim of qualifying professional and managerial staff for the next step in their careers and to prepare them for the requirements of a new role.

Arrowtech Ventures for Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory and China Business Management

Arrowtech Ventures uses coaching and workshops to provide support with all aspects and issues relating to the purchase and sale of small and medium-sized businesses.

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