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Equipping you with the skills you need for your next career step
Equipping you with the skills you need for your next career step

Digitisation coaching

We advise and support you in all aspects of digitalization within your company – whether it’s technical decisions or your own management positioning and leadership.

When it comes to strategically advancing careers, it helps to identify the pitfalls ahead of time and position yourself at the right time by generating your own leadership momentum. Showing your progress in advancing colleagues and consistent focus on company goals is an ideal way of demonstrating your leadership qualities.

Together we will develop your strategic approach to interactions with stakeholders, actively shape your role within the organization and develop personal positions on all key issues.

Seize your opportunities and position yourself on all key issues of digitalization within your company with a modern leadership approach!

Step 1

We discuss how you are currently positioned with regard to ongoing project and specialist topics and the most important framework conditions and then create a custom requirements profile for you on the basis of this.

Step 2

Together we look at similar topics and experiences in other companies and discuss these as a source of ideas.

Step 3

We develop specific measures, prioritize these with you and devise topically and tactically promising approaches. 

Step 4

We help you put these into practice, to reflect on reactions within the company and to adapt considerations accordingly. This gives you the opportunity to develop your own role, to establish leadership with regard to topics of digitalization and to drive forward your own further development.

Digitalization is a key topic for almost every leadership role within companies. Questions often arise with regard to the most suitable approach to take here. These often go hand in hand with decisions about an individual’s own positioning and leadership. In this context, leadership is also about choosing the right timing: setting the right priorities, mapping out a route plan for your approach within the organization and vis-à-vis the relevant stakeholders. All of this forms the basis for the success of digitalization initiatives at company level and personal leadership roles, e.g. a cleverly designed role as instigator for innovation. In our digitalization coaching sessions we work with you one-on-one on the specialist and management issues that you will table for discussion. Discussing the existing situation and establishing the framework conditions provides us with a basis for developing various courses of action. Decisions made regarding specific measures are always dependent on context, subjective and shaped by considerations on the best chances of success in the specific situation.

The expertise we supply

  • Projects with assignment clarification, implementation, and problem areas
  • Innovation topic and innovation roadmap approaches
  • Personal positioning in upcoming decision situations
  • Committee work
  • Strategy work and leadership questions
  • Handling crisis situations within the organization, with providers or in client relationships
  • Practical questions relating to IT projects, IT operations and IT security management
Dr. Thomas Endres

Dr. Thomas Endres

CEO corporate momentum GmbH

Tel: 06103 – 5090 353

We’re at your side: unleash your potential as a manager. Our training and business coaching sessions will qualify you for the next step in your career. If you have any questions, please contact us for a personal consultation.
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