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Equipping you with the skills you need for your next career step
Equipping you with the skills you need for your next career step

Legal & Compliance | Taxes

The first few weeks in a challenging new position demand everything from you as a CEO or board member. Authority and confidence in legal processes are indispensable in such situations. We show you how to meet the many different requirements you are faced with. Our focus:

  • Liability issues, business judgment rules, non-compete clauses/business opportunities
  • Obligations in M&A transactions: due diligence obligations, etc.
  • Crises and restructuring: remediation obligation, duty to convene shareholder meetings, prohibition of payments, duty to report insolvency, etc.
  • Collaboration with other executive bodies of the company: owners, supervisory board, advisory board, shareholders’ meeting
  • Remuneration and benefits (incl. insurance): drafting variable pay policy, key contractual provisions

Liability issues and risk minimization are core elements of our coaching

Corporate decisions are associated with civil and criminal liability risks. Any misinterpretation of legal norms is generally classed as gross negligence, rendering any D&O liability insurance ineffective in the worst-case scenario. Making decisions with certainty requires an ability to assess the legal risks. We advise you on these issues to protect you from damages in your day-to-day company operations.

  1. Introduction
  2. Management board rights and obligations
    • Managing director contract
    • Management board contract
    • Supervisory board contract
  3. Financial crimes
    • Breach of trust
    • Delay in filing for insolvency
    • Tax evasion
    • Accounting fraud
  4. Competition law
  5. Copyright law
  6. Privacy
  7. Special aspects of employment law
  8. Compliance organization
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Christian Möller


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