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Equipping you with the skills you need for your next career step
Equipping you with the skills you need for your next career step

Specialist and Executive Staff Development

We run effective training and business coaching sessions aimed at equipping you with the tools for your next career step and unlocking your full potential as a manager.

Together we set step-by-step milestones to ensure you are optimally prepared for the requirements of the new role.

Seize your opportunities, make the jump from expert to successor, and benefit from our specialist expertise and our neuroscientific know-how.

Step 1

After an effective, tailored consultation, we help you engage in thorough self-reflection using verified diagnosis tools and analytical methods which have been individually selected for you.

After a behavioral and skills analysis we then create a custom coaching and qualification package tailored specifically to you.

Step 2

Together we devise a career and development plan by analyzing and evaluating your specialist skills and personal qualities.

Step 3

Based on the skills profile created with you, we start preparations for tailored training and educational units.

Each individual coaching unit is designed to foster your talent and guide you on your exciting career trajectory.

Step 4

We coordinate with you and other partners on an ongoing basis alongside the training measures and in line with your skills profile. Our aim is to provide such a degree of satisfaction that you come back to our career support time and time again.

Nicole Truchsess

Nicole Truchsess

Markus Brandl

Markus Brandl


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We’re at your side: unleash your potential as a manager. Our training and business coaching sessions will qualify you for the next step in your career. If you have any questions, please contact us for a personal consultation.
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