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Equipping you with the skills you need for your next career step
Equipping you with the skills you need for your next career step

Job coaching

We coordinate effective training and preparatory measures aimed at qualifying you for your next career step. Together we’ll set the ball rolling to optimise the way you, the perfect candidate, align with the requirements of the hiring company.

Seize the opportunities available to you and go from expert to successor!

Step 1

We start with high-quality individual, one-on-one consultation and guide you towards in-depth self-reflection using valid diagnostics tools and methods.

Once the strengths/weaknesses analysis has been carried out, we will create a coaching and qualifications programme tailored specifically to you.

Step 2

Together we will create a qualifications profile by analysing and assessing your specialist expertise and personal qualities.

Step 3

Based on the skills profile prepared for and coordinated with you, we launch preparatory measures with our partners for training and educational resources.

With each coaching unit we promote your talent and enhance your profile as an aspiring entrepreneur.

Step 4

Alongside the qualification resources, we present some initial positions to you which meet your skills profile.

Where the values of quality, trust and reputation meet competence…
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