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What really sets us aside
What really sets us aside


LeySelect is where enjoyment, respect and integrity meet a sustainable approach to doing things.

Our vision

We want to be your first point of contact when it comes to recruiting experts for succession in your family business. Our unique selling points are market proximity, quality, and reliability.

Our mission

Both our experts and clients alike benefit from our profound knowledge of the market and our focus on corporate succession.

Hiring companies get convenient, straightforward and the fastest access to the best candidates thanks to our proactive recruitment approach.

  • When experts are in short supply, we use the right market tools to find you the ideal candidates.
  • Welcome to our world: where the values of quality, trust and reputation meet competence.
  • When the vision and mission of our clients converge with the personalities of our candidates, that’s when our job is done.

Our core values

Integrity, fairness, and reliability apply equally in our dealings with employees, candidates, and business partners alike. From reliability, fairness and integrity comes trust. Keeping promises is the ultimate sign of reliability.

To uphold these values, we promote open communication and value transparency. This creates trust and aids mutual understanding. Transferring responsibility and granting individual room for manoeuvre are guiding principles for us.

At a glance

With more than 50 years’ experience in personnel services, we dispose of the network to take you where you need to go.

We provide candidates and clients alike with proximity, understanding and the human touch.

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